Amun 0.4 beta released

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I like to announce version 0.4 beta of Amun. This release is a big step towards a first stable version. In the following list the most important changes:

  • Added namespace support
  • Updated psx to version 0.5
  • Added ExtJs based default backend
  • Removed htmlpurifier using now the html library of psx
  • Using bootstrap instead of blueprintcss in the default template
  • Service files are now loaded directly from the service folder
  • Option to add a custom prefix for the table names
  • Update content media upload
  • Fixed oembed server
  • Fixed many bugs

If you want support the project download the current version and install it on your server. If you have found any issues please report them to the bugtracker. So hf with this release and happy hacking!

best regards

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