Amun 0.3.4 beta released

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I like to announce a new version of amun 0.3.4 beta. This release contains some new features and improvement of the code base. The following list contains all important changes:

  1. Added markdown support and insert help page on installation
  2. Added forum service
  3. Redesigned gadget system
  4. Improved page tree sort and reparent functions
  5. Improved service install system. The config of each service includes now the md5 hash of each file and a signature wich must be valid to install the service
  6. Added mail system to send template based plain text / html mails to users
  7. Fixed bugs in my service OpenId authentication

Iam planning to update the website to the latest amun release with this update I will also add a forum and commit viewer to the website. Also I have released a new version of zubat wich contains some features and bug fixes. So hf with the new release and a happy new year!

best regards

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