Amun 0.3 beta released

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I like to announce a new release of Amun version 0.3 beta. This release contains some major design changes. The following list is an overview about the most important changes:

  1. Removed ExtJs based backend from Amun. The complete CMF can be controlled with the RESTful API.
  2. Update PSX to version 0.4.1 and change coding style
  3. Renamed plugin to service and changed the folder structure
  4. Remove categories instead you can select as parent another page.
  5. Update ace to version 0.1.6
  6. Update manual and dev documentation
  7. Add CSS and JS concatenation class

This release will move Amun forward to build a more federated and programmable web. In the next steps we need to test Amun to find bugs an get out of the beta stage. If you are intrested in supporting this project please see the community section. If the service "forum" is updated I will put on this website also a forum where users can talk about Amun.

best regards

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