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This news is to inform you about the current development status of amun to get an overview what is happening on this project. Currently Iam implementing a new feature called "IDC" wich stands for "Inter Domain Communication". This feature will make it possible to connect multiple amun instances together so that users can login with the same user name and password acrosss multiple websites and also that you can share content between each instance.

In example you have a website A and website B. Both websites running amun they could connect together via IDC. If the connection is successful established they have the same user base and could share content. That means that they can connect pages of the same type together. If a new topic is posted on website A it is automatically posted on website B and vice versa.

All the content exchange is made via events. You can subscribe to specific events where you want receive content. I.e. on a news page you can subscribe the CREATE event and then you get an fat ping (this is not 100% sure yet) if a new news is created. I plan to use an opensocial based API for making it possible to create update and delete content. The API is protected via OAuth. You can subscribe to pages via an PubSubHubBub request.

The plan is to build the IDC connection in a way that you can build a network of websites. That means that each website can have multiple connections to other websites and this websites can also have connections to other websites and so on. If a website A is connected to website B and website C is connected to website B then website A and website C are also passiv connected via website B.

This is so far the status of amun. I am currently implementing the subscription mechanism of events and I think that at the end of this month I can probably release a new version. If you have any questions do not hesitate to post a question in the forum.

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