Amun manual


This is the official manual of Amun.

Chapter 1. Introduction

Amun is a content managment framework written in PHP 5 and based on the PSX framework. The goal of Amun is to build a more federated and programmable web. This is achieved by providing an RESTful API for managing and distributing the content in standard formats like JSON, XML, Atom and RSS.

Chapter 2. Installation and Configuration

To install Amun you need PHP >= 5.3 a current version of Composer and a MYSQL database. You can download the latest version of Amun at the website. Amun uses composer to manage all dependencies and it has a custom plugin to install the database structure through composer. So before you run the install command you have to set your database connection settings in the configuration.php. After that you can simply install Amun with the following command:

php composer.phar install

If the database settings are wrong it is no problem simply correct them and use composer update to start the installation process again.

During the installation you have to enter a username, password and email of the administrator account. After this you have to set the correct url in the configuration.php for the key "psx_url". The installation is now complete and you should be able to visit the website.

Chapter 3. Enabling clean urls

In order to activate clean urls you have to move the file public/htaccess.sample to public/.htaccess. After this you must set in the configuration.php the key "psx_dispatch" to an empty value "". Now you can access all pages without index.php/.

Chapter 4. Manage Amun

Table of Contents

4.1. Structure

In order to manage Amun you need an client wich connects to the Amun API. By default Amun comes with a javascript based backend wich has all functionallity to configure and control your website. The endpoint url is at "index.php/workbench". You can find a list of available backends at the website.

4.1. Structure

This section explains how the structure of the Amun CMS works.

In Amun every functionality is provided via a service. The structure of the website is created with pages. A page refers to a service. I.e. if you create a page with the news service the page contains a list of news and you have the option to add new entries. Beside the service a page can load gadgets wich can display informations in a sidebar i.e. the latest news. Every service offers an REST API endpoint where it is possible to create new entries. In fact the website uses the API to create or update records. The API endpoint of the news service is available at index.php/api/news.

Chapter 5. 3rd party applications

Amun uses some 3rd party libraries and applications. Thx to all the developers for making such great software!

Chapter 6. Help

Amun is currently in an early stage so the documentation is very sparse. If you need help you have the followign options.

Things you can do if you have any problems with Amun

  1. Join the IRC channel #phpsx on freenode

  2. Write an issue to the bugtracker